There's much more that can be said about Valuation Games, but my goal is not to inundate you with every possible facet of how they're played. The point is to lay down a framework which you can use to identify the who, what, why and how of Valuation Games so you can adopt it in a flexible way to your own situation.

If you're a buy-side player, you now have a new lens for understanding how people on the other side of the transaction think and behave. Sell-side players now may have a few more tricks up their sleeves, or at least a reason to think more clearly about what lines they're willing to cross.

One of the primary conclusions I came to prior to writing this book is that the game is a lot darker than most will admit. Below the surface of all that shiny, happy talk about how cordial these types of games can be is a brutal, jungle-like environment. This is particularly true after you hit a certain scale, at which point the complex, international nature of the game makes rules next to impossible to enforce.

Either way, it's been quite a journey writing this and I'm confident if you made it this far you've gained plenty of new insights to leverage in your day-to-day life.

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